© Michaël HiepMichaël Hiep’s work completed to date includes one large triptych ‘Consummatum est’ (completed in 1999, 2 x 4 m) and one large diptych ‘Animus en Anima’ (completed 2003, 2 x 2 m).

In the hinged triptych ‘Consummatum est’ (it is completed) three main themes are intertwined. 1: Christianity, 2: our primary necessity: nourishment, and 3: our tendency to remove ourselves further and further from nature and become absorbed in our own creation: culture.
Closed, the triptych shows us grisailles of predator animals in their element (earth, water, air and fire). When it is opened, we see the Crucifixion of Christ, in which the accent is on disengagement rather than suffering. On the outer panels we see, life size, Amsterdam and Eve, representing mankind electing for self-awareness.
‘Consummatum est’ is a visionary painting in which Michaël gives expression both to his own mysticism and to his criticism of modern Western society.

‘Animus en Anima’ too is a highly symbolic painting. A rigid diptych, it shows us the male and female side of every individual. Man and woman naked, not as ideals but as vulnerable, searching for affirmation, protection and reassurance.
A striking feature of this work is the detailing of twenty-five plant species – nature is Michaël’s chief source of inspiration. Painting the incarnate (the skin of the human body) is his greatest passion.

‘Consummatum est’, outside


Consummatum est - buitenzijde - compleet - © Michaël Hiep

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‘Consummatum est’, inside

Consummatum est - binnenzijde - compleet - © Michaël Hiep

‘Animus and Anima’

Animus © Michaël Hiep Anima © Michaël Hiep

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